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From:  John Cornetta, Frank Salinas and Cindy Battye

Re:  The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass Launch Of 2012


Street Smart Profits will be YOUR affiliate success of 2012 for THREE reasons...



It’s a PREMIUM GRADE product.  We’re not screwing around here.  This is no one-click pipe dream... or newbie hope-crushing rip-off... this is a collection of tools and training that FORCE your prospects to replicate a $1000+ per day email empire.

Plus it’s a perfect match for every single person on your list...

The Newbies – these guys are BEGGING for training of this quality.  We show them how to make their first dollar online... and then turn that dollar into a small fortune each month...

The Intermediates – these folks have been around, sure, they know the game... they may even have some street smarts themselves.  But they haven’t yet seen REAL success.  When they put this software and system to work... success becomes not just possible but... inevitable.

The Advanced Marketers –this group have seen it ALL. At least... they think they have.  But when it comes to the story of how John Cornetta built a 350k subscriber empire in only 14 months... from scratch... even these guys are hammering the order button like a pneumatic drill.



Sizzling Sales Copy With A Unique Story

These days?  Conversions are KING.  If you don’t see the EPC’s you want, we know you’ll run faster than Speedy Gonzales to the next shiny product expect a BLOCKBUSTER sales page!




Super Star Promotion Partners. The JV Glitterati...

If your name is not down here, you're missing out on the biggest profit party of 2012. Already signed up are...

  • Mike Filsaime
  • Bill McRea
  • Anik Singal
  • Anthony Trister
  • Russell Brunson
  • Dax Aurand
  • Austin and Bill Walsh
  • Andrew X
  • Jeff Arbuckle
  • Jeremy Gislason
  • Brandon Harris
  • Matt Bakack
  • Sean Donahoe
  • Philip and Charles Mutrie
  • Simon Hodgkinson
  • Craig Hammer
  • Melford and Concetta Bibens
  • Shawn Casey
  • Tim Donovan and Adam Horwitz
  • Reid Shoffelen
  • Robert Grant
  • Sam Bakker
  • Mark Shay
  • Tim Bekker
  • Phil Springer
  • Tom Beal
  • Willie Crawford
  • Charles Kirkland and Keith Dougherty
  • Tom Bell
  • Ryan and Bryan Tate
  • Brad Fallon
  • Alvin Huang
  • Devon Brown
  • Chuck Mullaney
  • Mark Lyford
  • Alan Magliocca
  • Grayson Brookshire
  • Todd Gross
  • Joe Jablonski
  • Jesse Regan
  • Bob Beckett
  • Steve Lorenzo
  • Jeffery Baxter Jr.
  • David Eisner
  • Igor Kheifets
  • Kevin Fahey
  • Andrew Loney
  • Heimir Finnson
  • Emilis Strimaitis
  • Jayson Benoit
  • Craig Raphael
  • Jon McNeil
  • Jay Latour
  • Marc Fields
  • Bill Barrett
  • Gary L Lewis

Oh, and let's not forget the MASSIVE JV CONTEST:




The affiliates who bring in the most sales between 04/24/12 10am est and 05/07/12 10am est will qualify for the cash prizes. For 1st-5th Place. 75 minimum sales required to get prize...Anything under, you'll receive half the prize amount.





Can you risk missing out on the easiest commissions of the year?

Here’s a sneak peak at the irresistible sales funnel...



To find out more about John and what the industry
has to say about him and his partners Frank Salinas and
Cindy Battye ..... ~~>> Click Here

1) The Street Smart Profits System includes...


* Complete training course on building a six-figure business with email...
* Auto-traffic generator plug-in to build lists FAST...
* Click Maximizer software – our own proprietary app with RAVE reviews ($197 value)


2)  OTO #1:  Ultra "Done For You" System

You and I both know our prospects want to do as little work as possible, so we’re taking the concept of "done for you" to the next level.

We’re not just giving them templates or PLR or ready-made emails to play with...

But their own personal VA to do ALL the work for them!

This is a killer OTO because they get to see results as they’re learning the system.  A true earn while you learn offer.



3)  Done For You Funnels – in the Street Smart Profits course we take you through exactly how to create profit-pulling funnels.  Funnels that pour commissions, profits and income into your ClickSure account with almost zero maintenance.

But let’s face it... most people want to plug-in and get going immediately

So we’ve created 20 – count’em – TWENTY fully loaded sales funnels to pull in cash right away.  All your prospects have to do is add their affiliate ids, upload and they instantly have a new income stream.



And both of the above upsells come with $97 downsells too!  This means there’s virtually no escape from our cash-sucking sales process.



Listen... for all the slick sales techniques and strategies we’ll be deploying for this launch... what we’re really all about is offering a top quality product that HELPS people.


So by promoting Street Smart Profits you’re helping your list who in turn will stay loyal to you.


The 3 of us have worked together to create the ultimate zero to six-figures blueprint for total newcomers online.


Plus we’ve bundled in all the tools... including our own private software apps... your prospects need to accelerate their success.


We believe this is a life-changing course but we can’t get the word out without you.


You’ve seen the quality... you’ve heard the story... you’re excited about the cash prizes.


All that’s left to do is sign up below and let’s make this the biggest, baddest launch of 2012 together...



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To blockbuster ClickSure commissions,

John, Frank and Cindy


P.S.  Put April 24th down on your calendar.  Do it now.  Together we can make this the next ClickSure No.1... and this may well be the easiest money you make all year!


If you do not have a ClickSure account get yours now here its Free: